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Search Tips
This page presents you with useful tips and techniques in order to help you use the DZNEPUB site to the full.
Search Guide
Full guide on how to search DZNEPUB.

Finding in a nutshell

The most powerful and convenient way for searching in DZNEPUB, especially for more complex queries, uses DZNEPUB "query language". This language s actually quite simple, yet very powerful. The basic principle is to tell the system where (the field tag) it should find what (your criterion). E.g. to find all documents with `foo` in the title one would just use title:foo

This kind of searching becomes especially powerful in conjunction with the identifiers used throughout the system. E.g. to get all publications published in `Nature <London>`, which are usually quite cumbersome to fiddle out due to the title of the journal, one can easily employ it's journal id PERI:(DE-600)1413423-8 and use the src field tag as src:"PERI:(DE-600)1413423-8"

The required id can easily be retrieved form the Authorities. You may also want to use the search generator as an easy way to create the queries required to fill in your publications lists on the web.

The following field tags are available:

abstract: abstract affiliation: affiliation author: author authorcount: author count
citedby: cited by coden: coden collaboration: collaboration collection: collection
datemodified: date modified division: division exactauthor: exact author exactfirstauthor: exact first author
firstauthor: first author fulltext: fulltext isbn: isbn issn: issn
keyword: keyword recid: record ID reference: reference refersto: refers to
subject: subject title: title year: year adr: address
aid: authors id aut: Authority titles bc: Item barcode cid: contributing institute ID
clf: classification con: conference ddc: DDC exe: Holdings
id: identifier ins: institute iss: issue lcsh: LCSH
pag: pages pat: patent no per: people pid: program id
pof: POF id pon: POF name prg: scientific program pub: publication year
sid: statistics key slw: subject src: journal stn: key name
Note that not all records hold data for all field tags listed.

To answer complex questions you can build the necessary complex queries using

  • boolean operators
    • AND (can also be written as +)
    • OR (also |)
    • NOT (also -)
  • bracketing ()
  • quotes:
    • ' ' for substrings
    • " " for exact strings
    • / / for regular expressions
  • wildcard * for any characters
  • field tags to restrict matches e.g. title, or person etc.